What on Earth is Disneybounding?

My next Disney World vacation is right around the corner! So of course, I’m planning out what I am going to wear while I’m there.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon something called Disneybounding. A blogger named Leslie Kay started the trend in 2011.

Disneybounding is creating outfits that represent characters without full on costumes.

Here is an example of one of my favorite so far.

Generally, the characters and Disney cast members catch on pretty quickly. In this instance, Snow White asked me if we could bake Gooseberry Pies together. It was very cute.

My daughter and I absolutely love Disneybounding. Sometimes we even convince the guys to join us. 😋 Generally speaking, we keep our bounds simple and casual because we want to be comfortable while walking around the parks.

We tend to pick basic colored shorts and tees and then I order a character themed bow to attach to my ears for the day. I usually get the bows from Etsy or Hot Topic. Here is a fun Merida bound I did and she loved my bow!

So, as I said, we keep it basic, but some people really go all out. There are Facebook groups devoted to Disneybounding where people share ideas and ask for opinions. When you look up Disneybounding on Pinterest, you will see that people even add pretty cool accessories – from purses and belts to themed jewelry. For hard core Disneybounders, even the shoes need to be a part of the color palette. For me…comfort is key.

We did dress up our bounds a bit for our Disney Cruises. See if you can guess what characters we tried to represent.

For our next visit, I’m trying a few new bounds – I have the cutest ears for a Bing Bong bound and a cute Dalmatian bow for, well, a 101 Dalmatian Bound. I always love coming up with new cute ideas for our trips.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorites.

Have you ever Disneybounded? If not, do you think you might?

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