Why you should use a Travel Advisor

Did you know that you’ve already paid for a travel agent?

That’s right! If you have traveled to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sandals, taken a cruise or visited any other vacation destinations, the cost for a travel agent was already included in the price you paid.

Those early mornings that you got up to get those FastPasses… could have been done by someone who already knew the tricks on how to get them.

All the research on which restaurants to eat at and all the time spent debating which excursion to take, could have been shortened with help from someone who had inside knowledge about them.

When the price went down on your vacation, did the vendor let you know so you could save some money?

When your dream vacation hit a speed bump, did you know who to call to get it resolved quickly?

When you use a travel agent you get the vacation of your dreams and you support a small business in the process.

According to the Cruise Line International Association, 70 percent of cruisers use a travel agent and those who do report a higher level of happiness with their vacation than those who do not.

You already paid for it, so why not use a travel agent?

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