Bringing Disney Magic to Your Home!

Hey – It’s me again. I know it’s been a while since I posted a Blog, but honestly, I really struggled about what to share during this unprecedented time. I wasn’t sure if anyone really wanted to read about travel. It’s the same problem facing me in my professional life. But then I realized, I can share lots of things in a Blog that I have been sharing on my Business page!

If you are anything like me, you are missing the Disney Parks! I had a personal trip scheduled during the quarantine and have unfortunately had to help more clients than I care to mention reschedule or cancel the vacation they had been looking forward to for so long. So, I decided to bring a few a my favorite things about the parks, to me!

I started by making several of my favorite treats from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. My agency has been sharing amazing recipe cards. Not only are these recipes delicious, they are super fun to make and are a great way to get the kids off of the sofa for a bit!

Another fun and healthy activity we found was Disney Zumba. And boy did we need it after enjoying all of those delicious treats! Just head to You Tube and search “Disney Zumba” and you will find so many fun options!

One really fun thing we did was to pull out old home movies and watch videos of past trips. Some of these were up to 15 years old. It was so fun to watch the old parades and to see old attractions. The parks are constantly changing – everything from the shows to character costumes. Plus, seeing the reactions of my big kids when they were little is absolutely priceless!

Of course, we have definitely been watching Disney Classics, both old and new, as well as celebrities reading Disney stories and the amazing Singalong from earlier this week. We broke out Disney Scene It! and I also hosted my own LIVE Disney Trivia night on my business page. I even went as far as to order candles that smell like different Disney Resorts and attractions! LOL! The kids got a little creative and brought in the princess tents that I set up for events.

One of my favorite activities so far has been the Disney Animation Academy Videos! We love this activity at the parks. You can find just about any character you can imagine and learn how to draw them. I have to admit, my older son is a little better at this activity than I am.

If you are looking to bring the Magic Home, one of the best places to start is #DisneyMagicMoments at Several activities I have mentioned can be found there and so much more! From Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, hosting an “At Home with Olaf” Series, Virtual Background downloads, amazing performances from The Dapper Dans, to videos of popular Disney Cruise Line Musicals, this website is a Dream Come True for Disney fans!

Lastly, now is a great time to start planning your next Disney vacation. Whether you are wanting to visit one of the Magical parks, sail on a beautiful Disney ship or visit one of the amazing itineraries available from Adventures by Disney, it is the perfect time to do your research. Reach out to your friendly neighborhood Travel Planner (wink, wink) and begin the process of planning travel for Fall, Winter, or even 2021! I can point you in the right direction to research, assist you in planning dining, activities and more – and best of all, there is never a fee for my service!

So tell me, have you done any fun Disney themed activities while quarantined?

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  1. Nomsa Faith Avatar

    thanks for the Disney links.


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