Visiting Universal Orlando During a Pandemic

I just returned from an EPIC visit to Universal Parks and Resorts in Orlando and wanted to share my experiences with you! 

First, I have to say, I could not have been more impressed with all of the measures Universal put in place to ensure guest safety.

They also have U Rest Stations throughout the parks and CityWalk where you are able to remove your masks while socially distancing.

From requiring masks and social distancing to mobile ordering, virtual queues and constant cleaning, Universal is taking safety precautions very seriously.

Now…onto the fun! 

We spent the week in a 2 Bedroom Volcano View Room at Cabana Bay Beach Resort. This room has plenty of room for the entire family and sleeps 8! And you absolutely can not beat the view!

During our stay, we spent two days at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and one day at Volcano Bay. The crowds were very low and we were able to see and do everything we wanted to do with minimal waits. There were more characters out than I have ever seen during previous visits! It was a completely unique experience.

We took advantage of our one hour early admission that’s included when staying onsite or buying your tickets through MMT. During that extra hour, we enjoyed seeing Diagon Alley virtually empty, signed up for the wand choosing ceremony, rode Escape from Gringotts-twice and took amazing pictures without a bunch of strangers in the background.

We also spent time exploring each of the onsite resorts and enjoying the different themes and dining options.

Universal offers a variety of resorts for every budget! A stay at one of these great resorts always includes early park admission, plus when staying at a Prime Resort, Unlimited Express Passes are included!

Here is what you can expect during your Universal Resort stay: 

🌡 Temperature checks arriving at hotels  and prior to heading to parks or city walk.
🌈 You get a different colored wristband each day when your temp is taken. You are not allowed on any transportation, or to enter any park without a wristband for the day.
🛏 All guest rooms are left vacant for 24 to 48 hours when a guest checks out.
🔝Elevators are one family only each time.
👯‍♀️ Social distancing of 6 feet at all times. There are markers on the ground all over the parks, in ride lines, food lines, etc.
🧴Hand sanitizer is everywhere. You are given it prior to entering any and every ride, then it’s on the wall right after you exit.
⛱ Poolside chairs are spread out.
🧼Team members are constantly wiping down rails, lockers, tables, etc all day.
📲A Text system is being used to contact Housekeeping for anything you may need.
🥤At poolside dining, your sodas are still refillable, but you have to go up and ask for a fresh cup. 
😷 Masks are not required at the pool, but are needed when ordering food or using the restrooms. 

So the big question on everyone’s mind is how bad are the masks in the Orlando heat. Not going to lie…it’s hot.

•Are they fun? No.
•Are they hot? Yes.
•Is wearing them better than staying home and not going on vacation? YESSSS. 1 million% YES. Take the trip if you feel comfortable.*
•What if my kid won’t wear one? Does your kid wear shoes and pants when they have to? Hair bows? Hats? Sunscreen for their safety? YES. They will wear one if made to. I saw tons of kids with them on. All ages. My youngest is 12 and he asked to stop at the U-Rest areas for a break a few times. Take the breaks. It will help.
•You can eat and drink without them obviously. You can also remove them for photos.

I do not like the heat. Not at all. Wearing one in the Florida heat was definitely an adjustment. I HIGHLY recommend wearing them prior to your trip. Walk in them outside. Get used to them. Get your kids used to them. By the 3rd day in the heat, it was much easier than the first.

Would I wear one and go back? Yes. 100% yes.

I understand traveling right now is not for everyone. But for those wanting to travel, or wanting to visit Universal, I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please message me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. This is why I went. I wanted to see this hands on to better help my clients.

If you want a free quote. Message me!

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