Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter Fan Appreciation Event – Cosplay on Display!

Marvelous Mouse Travels recently had the opportunity to participate in a Wizarding World of Harry Potter Fan Event at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. There was so much to see and do and one of the most fun aspects of the evening was seeing guests dressed as their favorite characters.

Dressing as a character from books, movies, TV Shows or video games is known as Cosplay. This can be accomplished by copying a character’s exact look or hitting key components to represent a specific character.

When you visit the Wizarding World on any given day, you are sure to see a variety of cosplay – from Hogwarts robes to shorts & tees in your “House” colors to Round-rim glasses and a lightning bolt scar – but guests really go all out at the special events.

At the appreciation event, there were so many amazing characters represented! My two favorite were Snape dressed as Neville’s Grandmother (if you know, you know) and Kingsley Shacklebolt. These two gentlemen nailed the smallest details of their cosplay.

We also saw guests dressed as Bellatrix, a prisoner of Azkhaban, a Patronus and students from Beauxbatons. The event gave everyone the opportunity to take the most amazing photos in Hogsmeade,

Cosplaying when visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is such a fun way to take your visit to the next level!

Do you cosplay when visiting the theme parks?

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